Friday, October 3, 2008

12 things

Found this on Bella Dia. The idea is to search each answer on Flickr and make a mosaic with the answers. 12 Things about Jessy:

1. My name: Jessy 2. Favourite Food: Pizza 3. High School I attended: Lord Elgin 4. Favourite Colour: Green 5. Celebrity Crush: Zach Braff 6. Favourite Drink: Tea 7. Dream Vacation: Venice 8. Favourite Dessert: Cookies 9. What I want to be when I grow up: a Mom 10. Thing I love most in life: Snuggles 11. Word(s) to describe me: A work in progress 12. My Flickr name: jessyroos

1. yesterday with jessy 2. pizza night! 3. Tree 4. Meeting the Pregnant Princess of the Forest 5. Zach Braff 6. 051212-01 7. Red boat 8. Milk and Cookies 9. Just another Saturday morning. 10. holiday-snuggle 11. Arie - work in progress 12. All my pictures in explore!!!

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