Saturday, February 14, 2009

almost time for some time off

In Alberta, Monday is Family Day, and that mean we all get some well deserved time off! I remember when I moved here from Ontario four and a half years ago, I had never heard of Family Day, but all I could think was "YES! A long weekend in February!" The truth is, it is so nice to have a day off to spend with my husband and relax a little from our hectic schedules. Of course, it will also be nice to get a little sewing done.

To make up for the fact that I could actually have had a nice, relaxing long weekend, I apparently decided to fill up my weekend until Monday. Last night and all day today I have been running tech for a big conference that is renting our church building. It's good pay, and it's fun, but it's certainly tiring. Tomorrow we have our regular Sunday which usually starts around 6am and ends around 3pm, but after that it's all relaxation all the time!

All this is to say, I'll post more after Monday when I've had some time to relax and time to create. Peace.

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