Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Noodlehead gathered clutch

I finally got a chance to make a Noodlehead Gathered Clutch the other day! I can't believe I waited this long to try it out. It is so fun and easy and so satisfying. It is definitely going to become another go to gift for friends and family.


Anna of Noodlehead is a creative wonder. She is constantly churning out fabulously cute items and the gathered clutch is no exception. The instructions were simple, concise and easy to follow. I know that there is the option to download a more detailed pattern for a small fee (it is really reasonable and comes with a license to sell.) But I did not find a need for the more detailed instructions. I may decide later on to sell some of these so I will buy the pattern at that point but for now I'm happy to just make them for myself and as gifts.

I chose a cute grey and pink fabric I picked up at Bolt last summer. Once again, this is a remnant piece without a selvedge so if anyone has the details on it, please let me know. The pattern uses less than a fat quarter of the main fabric and basically a few scraps of the contrast and lining. I think the whole thing went together in less than an hour, easy peasy.

Gathered Clutch

I picked up a bunch of zippers at Fabricland a couple of weeks ago. They have been having a big sale since the beginning of June so I grabbed 3 zippered for .99 cents, then I grabbed 3 more. Then yesterday I went back and grabbed 6 more when I was picking up some thread. As much as I hate stepping foot in that place, when they have a massive sale it's almost worth the soul sucking madness of going there. Yesterday I got 2 spools of guterman thread and 6 zippers for only $4.01. Not too shabby.

I made a few adjustments to my little clutch. The first was the zipper. My cheap zippers are 7 inches instead of 8 as the tutorial calls for so when I was making the zipper tabs I chose to sew them on the other size of the zipper stops (you know, those little metal bits?) I was able to lengthen the overall zipper piece enough to make it work, and I really don't mind the metal bits showing. I choose to add the internal divider and card pockets which I might just leave out next time. I felt it made the final product a teensy bit bulky. I also added a loop and O ring to the outside just for some flare. It gives it a bit of detail and makes it seem even a bit more finished. Also, when I'm running around, I have a tendency to leave my keys places so this way I can hook it all together.

Gathered Clutch

I see many more of these babies in my future. Especially with my new surplus of zippers. I suggest you go check out the pattern and make one immediately.

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Melissa @ Love Affair With My Brother said...

Wow! It turned out great, I might have to try to make one of these :)