Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pretty Pink Baby Quilt

It's been quite a while since I complete a quilt. A few weeks ago, I got the sudden urge to start stitching up a quilt and I had a pile of pink fabrics left from my Hope Valley collection bundle and a small stack of Kona White scraps.

I wanted something quick and easy to sew up, and have been wanting to make another quilt in the style of Hop, Skip & Jump from Denyse Schmidt's Quilts book.

In a matter of just a few hours I went from nothing to a quilt top.


Little Cheddar helped me hold the quilt down so I could take a picture.

I managed to get the top complete, and the quilt basted and 1/2 quilted in a matter of just a day, but then, life got in the way, and the quilt went by the wayside. Then, just a week ago, I was struck with the same urge to just sew, and I finished it up and got it washed that morning.

Here are the stats:

Size: 42" square
Fabric: Kona White, Denyse Schmidt Hope Valley, Kona Cerise for the binding and Kona Blush for the Backing
Quilted in concentric circles, bound by machine.

Pink Baby Quilt

I had been seeing concentric circle quilting for a bit and kept thinking it would be so much fun to use...but on what? And then, once I had finished the quilt top I couldn't think of any quilting that would go better than the circles. I love the juxtaposition of the straight(ish) lines of the top and the soft, circular quilting.

I didn't end up using the pattern from the Denyse Schmidt Quilts book, but rather, got my inspiration from Kate Conklin Designs and her Stack and Slash Tute for Chasing Cottons. I followed the basic instructions, but instead of 2 groups of 4 fabrics, I used 1 group of 5 fabrics and also cut my blocks a little smaller. All in the name of using only what I had.

Pink Baby Quilt

I have come to the decision that I need to start creating and giving away more or selling more if I want to replenish my stash. I have a sizable bin of fat quarters and some 1/2 yard cuts and also a small amount of yardage and it's starting to be boring to me. Not that it's not all totally fabulous fabric, but a lot of it is small pieces that I don't often have a use for. So in order to facilitate a re-stocking of my stash in larger cuts, I have listed this quilt for sale. If you are interested in this quilt or would like to talk about a custom order, please email me.

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**nicke... said...

i love it. it is very pretty and i too love the lines and the quilting so pretty! and seriously... hope valley. my fave!