Thursday, August 18, 2011

the week in review

Well, the week (at least the "work" part of the week) has come to an end and I have a status report for you. It's not as stellar as I would have liked, but here goes:

Tuesday, Wednesday and a good part of Thursday was spend doing....not much. I pushed some laundry through and managed to make the bed each day and keep the kitchen tidy. That is about all. Oh and on Thursday I had a little workout. Clearly I was relaxing a bit. A lot of time was spent on Pinterest. Do you Pinterest?

It brought me such gems as:


That's right. It's a serious time waster.

Thursday and Friday became cooking days though. Here is the run down:

37 individually portioned freezer lunches including:

-butter chicken (from scratch - seriously the best recipe ever - email/comment if you want me to share) with rice, and homemade naan bread.
- vegetable risotto
- chicken noodle soup
- cheesy shell pasta with broccoli
- shepherds pie
- penne with meat and vegetable sauce

Seriously. I was about ready to fall over by 9pm on Friday when I finally finished all that cooking.


It's now been a few weeks since I did that cooking and I can tell you it has made a huge difference in our house! Both Joel and our roommate make use of them regularly and have told me how much they appreciate not having to think about lunches.

My favourite recipe has to be the butter chicken with rice and naan. It is as good if not better than the butter chicken you can get from local Indian take out places and it's SO MUCH cheaper. Joel had purchased a 4L (1 GALLON!) tub of plain yogurt and it was put to good use with this recipe. In fact, last week when it was about to expire I made up a huge batch of butter chicken sauce and stored it in portions so we could just poor it over some rice and chicken if we want a quick dinner.

All of this cooking really got me excited to cook more and since then I have tried out a few new recipes including pizza monkey bread. It does make me want to facepalm (yes. I said it.) because I never get pictures of my delicious food. I just eat it or freeze it. Oops.

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