Saturday, November 6, 2010


I'm sure that many of you can relate to this:

As a blogger, I put my work "out there" as a record for myself, but it feels nice to think that there might be other people reading and enjoying what I made and write about.

Recently, I added a bunch of my Flickr photos to different groups, and was surprised to see how much action those photos get now! I always find it interesting to see which photos people fave, because it's not always my favourite projects that people love.

The point being, it feels really good to know that the things I put so much love and work into are being appreciated. Call me an ego-maniac - I don't care!

It's also been neat to see the number of subscribers grow from my husband and friend Candace to 19 people now! I also discovered that Google Reader keeps track of the number of people who subscribe to my RSS feed, and that number is a whopping (at least whopping to me) 33! It's pretty cool to have officially surpassed 50 readers.

Another milestone I am going to reach soon is 100 posts. I thought about counting years instead of posts, but since I took such a huge hiatus while trying to figure out if I really wanted to blog, I won't. Including this post, and several scheduled posts that will be coming out in the next few weeks, I am up to 85.

All this to say, I think it's almost time for a giveaway! I think what I will do is schedule the giveaway for the 100th post. The reason I am announcing this now (15 posts ahead of time) is to get some input from my readers. What would you like to win?

Here are your options:
A buttercup bag
Children's apron(s)
A mini quilt/mug rug
Or something else (you name it!)

The most popular idea named in the comments will be what I give away. No comments means I choose, and well, it will just end up being whatever I feel like making at that moment. :)

So, PLEASE, if you don't normally comment, but you do read, let me know!

And now, because I want to add a picture, look at this cuteness:

New Quilt

More on the pile of fabric later.  It's (somewhat) quickly becoming a new quilt.


TEakA said...

I have no idea what a buttercup bag is but it sounds cute! Thus that's my thoughts on a give away.
I enjoy reading your blog! I'm constantly amazed at your quits. I've tried' still sitting in the corner incomplete. It's so not what I enjoy doing.
Haha I'd rather see you're works of art instead.

Barb said...

You are so kind to let your readers have a say...I know I would love a mini-quilt as I love to hang them on my wall as art! Congrats on enjoying blogging.

Jen said...

Mini Quilt because yours are AMAZING!! You've done some awesome ones, so i hope that's what you give away and I hope I win!!

Rafael's Mum said...

Hi Jessy, yes, I do read your blog and don't normally comment.. This is not because I don't like it, but simply because I am overloading myself a little with the google reader! There are so many interesting blogs out there and I can't resist the 'follow' button.. so the reader fills up quickly. Which means I have to scroll through and skim read most of them. I do correspond with my closest blog friends, and I do sometimes answer when something really catches my eye, but mostly, I will have to skim.. or I would be on the PC all day long, lol! Keep going though, you'd be surprised how many people read but so not comment, just simply because of lack of time!!

Stephanie said...

I'm commenting! I'd choose a Buttercup bag; they're too cute for words and I have never made one myself :)