Saturday, January 1, 2011


Because I think it's a good thing to reflect, here is my last sewing year in review.

2010 Quilts

1. Vintage Quilt Reborn, 2. Plain Spoken front, 3. Many Patches Quilt, 4. Criss Cross Quilt, 5. Pink Patchwork - Top Done!, 6. Plain Spoken II, 7. The Argyle Quilt of Doom - Finished!, 8. Sea of Blue, 9. Plain Spoken III - Progress

I completed 7 quilts and started 3. (Only 2 of those 3 are pictures, oh well.) Of those 7 completed quilts, 6 have gone to live with someone else. And of those 3 started, 1 will go to live with someone else.

I've been very happy with the evolution of my quilting skills. I have LOTS left to learn, and I highly doubt I will ever be done learning or think of myself as an expert, but I can see an improvement from the first quilt of 2010 to the last.

2010  Sewing

1. Coasters Galore!, 2. Bibs, 3. STUD June '10 - Sent, 4. STUD May '10 - Sent, 5. Mod Napkins, 6. The Buttercup Bag 2, 7. Neptune Scarf, 8. Girl Banner, 9. Boy Banner, 10. A Monster & 2 Bibs, 11. Baby J TShirts, 12. STUD July/August '10 Landscapes - Sent, 13. STUD October/November '10 Fussy Cut - Sent, 14. Garters, 15. Hope Valley Table Runner & Napkins, 16. Toddler Apron, 17. Toddler Apron, 18. Giveaway Day Prize, 19. Buttercup Bag 4, 20. STUD July/August '10 Anything Goes - Sent

In other sewing, I completed: 44 coasters, 10 bibs (more on that later), 4 mini quilts for swaps, 22 napkins, 4 buttercup bags (only 3 shown), a scarf, 2 birthday banners, 2 more bibs and a monster, 4 baby tshirts (only 2 shown), 2 garters, 2 toddler aprons, a table runner, 30 christmas ornaments, 2 bowties and a pocket square.


In a list it seems like a lot, but actually, I feel like I didn't accomplish as much as I could have. The year has been interesting. More free time than ever, but oddly exhausting. I can't quite describe how tiring it is to have 3 different roommates, plus random passers through, support my husband as he works his way (more than full time!) through the last part of his masters degree, and just generally live life in a good but stressful state.

I don't want any of the above to sound like a complaint. Truly, this year has been one of the best of my life. I met a family that I adore working for, I got to continue working with the other family I love, I've made new friends and reconnected with old, I saw family, I saw dear friends get married, I got the time and space to be creative and I even did a little running. I feel pretty lucky.

Next year, I look forward to doing more sewing. I have a few big projects on my list that I would like to finish (including TWO king sized quilts) but I would also like to spend more time just playing. I feel intimidated by improvisation, and also traditional quilting and I would like to try a little bit of both. Perhaps an improve quilt and a pickledish quilt are in my future.

I would like to take this chance to say thank you, to each person that stops by. It means a lot that you read, and take the time to comment and encourage. Thank you. It feels good to share and know that people are actually reading. Happy New Year!

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Jen said...

You've done a LOT! And all of it is so inspiring!! Good luck with all your future projects. Can't wait to see all of it!!