Monday, January 17, 2011

2011 sewing far

We are now mid-way through January, and I have lots of thoughts and lists swirling through my head so I thought I had better get them down before my head explodes or I forget everything!

Without further ado I give you "Jessy's List of Sewing Goals 2011"

(Oops, this one went unattended for too long. Pics to come later today or tomorrow when it is finished.)

2. Finish Plain Spoken III

Plain Spoken III - Progress

(I am still at a loss for how to quilt this as it most definitely won't fit in my machine and I most definitely NOT paying to have it quilted and I most definitely do not have a friend with or a budget for a long arm. Suggestions of any kind welcome.)

3. Create a Memory Quilt for my Nini (To be named "The Family Day Quilt" I think)
(My Nini has Alzheimer's and it has been suggested that a warm, cozy quilt covered in pictures of her family would be something to not only cheer her up, but keep her warm. The name comes from the fact that it will be given to her on "Family Day" which is a stat holiday in both my Province - Alberta - and my grandparent's province - Ontario.)

4. Finish the Single Girl Quilt for dear patient hubby

An Old New Project

(This one also won't fit in my sewing machine, but since I intend for it to be an heirloom one day I am seriously contempltating hand quilting because well, refer to number 2.)

5. Craft it Forward
(Last year I participated in this little Facebook meme but never sent anything to anyone who responded. Oops. So, this year that will change. I already know what 2 of the 4 projects will be and am thinking about the other two.)

6. The Birdie Sling

Far Far Away II Birdie Sling
Photo by The Workroom

(At least one!! I have had this pattern sitting on my shelf since Christmas of 2008 and it has yet to be made. I need a new giant bag and this one is perfect.)

7. Oh Fransson's weighted Pincushion Organizer

Mother´s Day
Photo by homemadestuff

I want to make at least one of these.  I definitely need one to keep me from dropping my pins, scraps and threads all over the floor but I have a couple friends in mind that might really like one as well.

8.  The Don't Look Now Oh Christmas Tree Quilt

Photo by Don't Look Now

(I have had this one my Christmas to-do list for a looooong time now, and hopefully this will be my year!)

9. The Twiddletails Geese in the Forest Quilt

geese in the forest
Photo by Seaside Stitches

(Originally designed as a Christmas quilt, I think I will end up making this in colours to go with our house year round instead. Especially if I make the Oh Christmas Tree Quilt.)

10. The Oliver & S Ice Cream Dress

Ice Cream Dress

(My friend Laura also bought this pattern without knowing I had it when she went on a trip to The Workroom this Christmas. I'm hoping we can work on this side by side!)

Okay, I think 10 is enough goals, don't you? Especially since most of them are either large projects or involve multipes of the same item.

Am I crazy? I hope not!

What are your sewing/quilting/crafting goals for 2011?

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mommy e said...

Using your design, I made this and quilted straight lines with my walking foot.

It worked out pretty well. That might be a solution for you.