Saturday, September 27, 2008

a morning date

This morning my husband and I decided to venture out on Saturday morning date. We decided to head to the Nellie's Cafe in Kensington, but upon arrival discovered an hour long line up to have breakfast! So we went to the Nellies in Marda Loop, which had a much more reasonable 25 minute wait. What can I say? Their breakfast is THAT good!

It was nice to be out and walking around, enjoying great food and yummy coffee in an entirely overcrowded little cafe with him. Hubby even wore that wonderful knitted sweater I love so much!

Early in the afternoon we stopped by some friends house to check out their moving sale and picked up a cute gift for a family member, and on the way home decided it would be fun to wander through the Home Depot. Call me a nerd, but I love that place! It's filled with beautiful tiles, and carpets and appliances for me to lust after and lots of fancy power tools for hubby to drool on. We ended up picking up a couple of more "tools" to go with our Ryobi 1 set. A hand held cannister vaccuum for the car and stairs, and a wet/dry dust buster type vaccuum. And they were a steal of a deal at 90 bucks for the two items!

I thought I'd share a little piece of funny looking inspiration from the day. The dumpster in the back parking lot of Nellies loked like this:
Isn't he cute??

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