Sunday, September 28, 2008

washing windows

Hubby is a custodian at our church in Calgary. Every Sunday we show up at an unreasonably early hour to make sure that the building is in tip top shape before people arrive, and there is usually no end to complaining from me. This morning when we arrived, we discovered that one of the part time custodians had accidentally used floor wax as window cleaner across 30 feet of glass doors in our foyer. Oops! Needless to say, it was more than a tad foggy, and that had to be fixed before the 9am service. What's funny, is that just a few weeks ago, Hubby asked me to clean the glass doors and I did the same thing that our part timer did! The Windex and the floor polish look exactly the same, and since I didn't know the official name of the window cleaner, I just assumed it was the one labelled "Buck-Eye Blue".

The point is, that as much as I can complain about being put to work cleaning windows, I can't hate it! In fact, it gives me a good 30 minutes to stare at the glorious sunrise. I am lucky enough that the sunrise I get to stare at is the one that slowly illuminates the Rocky Mountains, and the Springbank valley and the Bow River, and the fields of wheat and so on and so forth.

How could I possibly complain about that? Even if my lungs are being filled with the gentle mist of Windex.

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Rooster said...

The best thing is that I can't complain one way or the other, 'cause whether it's your, a part-timer, or a casual employee that is "waxing my windows", it's still someone helping me out, by taking something else off my ridiculously full plate. :D

And technically, it's not a wax. I just call it that, 'cause of the film layer left by that particular chemical. Buck-eye Blue is a cleaner designed to leave a "shine" after cleaning a surface. It's just not really great to look at on glass. You should see how nice it leaves melamine, mdf, plastic or tile though.