Thursday, September 25, 2008

This is...My Favourite Childhood Book

When my brother and I were kids, our mom spent a lot of time reading to us. I always loved when the three of us would cuddle up together on the couch or in our parents big bed and read everything from Dr. Seuss to The Hobbit. I had many books I loved over the years, but my favourite has always been Garbage Delight by Dennis Lee. I was reminded of this in June when hubby and I went to Ontario and stayed with my mom and step-dad. She has been purging the house of clutter and found a collection of our books from our childhood and was kind enough to set them aside for me to take back home.

I love the beautiful colours and amazing illustrations in the book, and how every poem is just a little bit nonsensical. It's the perfect kind of book for me.
And this is my favourite poem:

Suzy Grew a Moustache
Suzy grew a moustache,
a moustache,
a moustache.
Suzy grew a moustache
and Polly grew a beard.
Suzy looked peculiar,
Suzy looked peculiar
and Polly looked absurd.
Suzy got the garden shears,
garden shears,
the garden shears.
Suzy got the garden shears
and Polly got a bomb.
Now, Suzy's face is smooth again,
smooth again,
smooth again.
Suzy's face is smooth again
and Polly's face is gone.

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Rooster said...

I was reading my lover stories out of that book just the other week.