Friday, June 25, 2010


A few things are keeping me entertained recently.  I've succumbed to the oh-so-dramatic Grey's Anatomy.  Yes.  THAT show.  Go ahead and laugh.  Okay stop now.

My dear husband likes to find shows for me to watch.  Since I hate watching live television (because really, when did there get to be 4 minutes of commercials for ever 10 minutes of show??) Joel and I tend to watch new (or new to us) shows on our PVR or online.  It's fantastic.  You can get through a 1 hour show in just 40-something minutes!

It took us just 3.5 weeeks to get through the entire series. Yes, I need a life.  I really can't tell you how thankful I am for all of the quality time I get with my husband, even if he is sitting through hours of Grey's with me.  It used to be that we both worked and volunteered so much, that we would get an hour before bed each night and maybe a few hours on the weekends.  It has been like a wonderful vacation to have him home so much since our job changes.

Previously, Joel and I both worked for a large multi-site church in town and for various reasons have left both our jobs and the church.  It was very hard to move on from the people we had grown to love and respect in our jobs and our church life, but it needed to happen.  While we worked there he was working up to 60+ hours a week running the buildings for rentals, and I was working a normal 40 hour week in the office, but we both added at least 5 more hours of volunteering on top of that.  It got to the point where we didn't get much time together, and when we did we were so tired, sometimes it was hard to have a conversation.  So when we couldn't muster anymore energy, we shared tv shows and movies.  It's a special thing we do, and it may seem brain melting or mundane to some, but I love it.

Needless to say, I am now addicted to Grey's and can't stop watching.

Another new show we've been watching:

I'm not even really into the whole vampire thing, but I like this show, even though it is sometimes (okay, most of the time) extremely over acted and a little cheesey.

I've also been re-watching The Office.  How can you go wrong with that genius?  And before you think that I am a couch potato who does nothing but watch tv, I mostly watch while doing other things , (laundry, sewing, eating lunch, etc) or late at night once we are in bed.

The other thing that keeps me entertained is my brother-in-law.  Joel's youngest brother Jamie has been staying with us since the end of April and needless to say it is an adventure having and 18 year old boy living with us.  He is here for the summer to work and save money so he can go back to university in September.

Here's a few of the highlights:

1.  Getting woken up at 4am because Jamie is sure there is someone trying to come through his window.  Apparently he was sleeping naked (ew, TMI?) when the blinds blew off the edge of the window sill because of some wind coming through the open window.  Panicking he first got ready to grab the guy and "pull him to beat him senseless" but then ran upstairs to grab Joel (and a knife!) and run around the side of the house.  There was no one there.  Oh, and Jamie was somehow wearing Joel's clothes, which I guess is better than nothing!

2.  His 7 word vocabulary: "geez, JO-EL, stop, shut up, ugh, NO, what"

3.  Hearing stories about his university parties where he drinks liquor from a vase and mixes white wine with sprite.  Yuck.

It's an endless parade of silly at the house recently and I love it.

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