Wednesday, June 23, 2010

meme me

I've decided to start participating in a couple of memes for two reasons.

1. I need a couple of things to encourage me to continue writing on a regular basis. I go through periods where it's difficult for me to pluck creativity out of the air and I feel like picking a few memes can help me to find some inspiration.

2. I like to write because it helps me to remember and appreciate. Looking through photos and writing about experiences keeps things fresh in my mind and often makes me laugh.

So, starting this week I will be introducing two memes to superlative sewing. Sunday Stash and The Random Object. Sunday Stash is probably well known to most quilting blog readers, but The Random Object is one I've made up for myself. I was cleaning the kitchen a couple of days ago and came across a couple of random objects that are special to me and come with interesting stories.

I'm hoping you enjoy them and would appreciate any feedback you'd be willing to give as well as ideas for random objects or even other memes you might enjoy.

For now, another picture from a trip to Banff. Love the hat!

Monster Mash

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Cheryl Arkison said...

We have that same hat for our own Monster!