Thursday, June 24, 2010

teeny tiny baby gifts

A friend of ours recently had her 4th baby!  Little Nathan Victor arrived just a few weeks ago and we couldn't be happier for him or his parents and siblings.  Too celebrate the little ones arrival, a friend threw them a "Sprinkle Shower".  The idea was that since he is number 4, they already have a lot of the essentials, so guests were to bring little things to sprinkle the new mom and baby with.

I agonized over what to give.  Usually I would make a baby quilt, but I didn't because a) I am severely lacking in boy friendly fabrics and b) I doubt that a quilt can be considered a sprinkle, even if I really want it to be.

In the end, I made the little man 2 bibs and a monster.

A Monster & 2 Bibs

I picked out a solid chocolate brown, some Alexander Henry Teeny Tiny Zoo in pool, and some Cake Rock Beach Eclipse in Water and whipped up two little bibs using a combination of the Nested Basic Bib template and the Quilted Patchwork Bib tutorial on Sew She Sews.  They were fun and really easy to make and so I am sure they will become a go-to gift for baby showers.  I also made a little RevoluzZa monster with her tutorial and pattern.  I only made a slight alteration to the mouth since I didn't want to make the embroidered one from the instructions.

All three resources provided really easy to follow instructions, so the only error I made was to sew the monster together with a wrong and a right side facing together instead of the right sides together.  Due entirely to make lack of attention.

We dropped the gifts off on our way downtown since I was unable to actually attend the Sprinkle Shower.  I got to meet tiny perfect Nathan and spend a little time with his mom and siblings.  It was great fun, and so nice to hold such a new baby.  I am glad that Nathan's mom enjoyed the gifts and am anxiously awaiting the pictures of him with the bibs and monster.

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