Monday, October 11, 2010

baby shirts

Who knew a one year old's birthday party could be so exhausting?

Yesterday I had the pleasure of going to J's birthday party. I have been his nanny two thirds of his little life, and it has been so much fun!

For his birthday I decided to make him some custom t-shirts. I knew he would be getting plenty of toys and books from his family and friends so I figured clothes was a good direction to head in.

I headed over to Old Navy and bought two soft cotton long sleeve t-shirts for only $12 and then picked up some Lite Steam a Seam 2. After that, I was rockin' and rollin'!

Baby J Skyscape TShirt

The first one is based on the skyscape t-shirt that Rae made for her son, over on Made by Rae. I was pretty in love with the lion shirt too!

The second shirt was a bit harder to decide on. Originally, I was going to make him a tree frog shirt, but decided the red and green combo felt a bit Christmasy. Instead I went with a giraffe silhouette, and I am really happy with it!

Baby J TShirts

I LOVE these little shirts! Too many pre-made clothes out there are either too cutesy or plastered in stupid catch phrases. They were so easy to make, that they may become part of my go to list for baby and kid presents.

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