Friday, October 22, 2010

sea of blue - complete!

It's finished! I can't believe I did it. And on time! And I got my house clean too! Woooohoooo!

I last left you with a half finished design on the wall and piles everywhere. So here's how it all went down.

After I wrote that post, I had some lunch and raced off to the dealership to get the car serviced. After waiting TWO AND A HALF HOURS for something that was supposed to take one and a half hours to be completed, I was out of there. I ran home, and Mike (our new, wonderful roommate) and I cleaned the house and welcomed out guest for the night. I did a little bit more trimming of squares and then ran out again to go pick up my husband. (Oh the joys of sharing a car.)

I went to bed at 10 that night because I was exhausted, and woke up at 7am the next morning to keep working. (Obviously I was bent on keeping my proposed deadline because not much can get me out of bed for 9am.) Luckily, I had managed to finish my trimming and put up a preliminary design before bed the night before.

I made some slight adjustments to the design and then I got cracking on the sewing. I worked like crazy from 8am to 4:30 pm with a break only for lunch. In all that time I managed to piece the top and back, quilt and attach the binding. I took the quilt with me to work to bind (and to show it to my boss who is the one who ordered the commission) and got a little bit done.

This morning I realized I had missed one line of quilting so I unattached the binding in 2 spots, quilted, and reattched the binding with a little tag and finished hand finishing the binding. The it was off to the washer, dryer and the yard to be photographed!

So, without further ado, I give you "Sea of Blue".

Sea of Blue

I am in love! I know I keep saying I love quilts (even if I hate them in the beginning) but this one I have loved from start to finish. I wasn't feeling super inspired to begin with, but after I started pulling all the delicious blue fabrics from my stash I started drooling. The colours are so rich and this is a palette I haven't worked with yet.

Sea of Blue - Back

The back was an adventure for me. I have been sticking to solid backs mostly, but I decided to try something a little different. I had some half square triangles left over and some bigger chunks of some other fabrics, so why not?

Sea of Blue

Over the fence, as usual. Finished size is 50"x50", bound mostly in some of the deep teal with a couple little bits added in.

Sea of Blue - Folded

And there it is, all folded and ready to go. I added a little tag to it, with my info on the front and washing instructions on the back.


Now, onto the next challenge. I am going to try and make a set of wedding garters for a friend. Her wedding is next weekend, but the lingerie shower is tomorrow. (Sexy lingerie already purchased!) And I want to include the garters she asked me to make in the bag. Here goes nothing!

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Jen said...

looks great!Love the colors! So what did you do with that little tag? Not the paper one but the fabric little tab..Is there anything printed on it? It looks really cute so I'll all curious!

Ahhh the garters! It's so funny because my high school did this funny thing. I've never really seen in anywhere except for my high school and the immediate surrounding areas...but anyway, when we went to a formal dance, the girls would make garters go go around the guy's arm. We'd make them and have them match our dress and the guys outfit. The guys would wear them over their jacket sleeve. No kidding, the bigger the better! I made so many and they were like 5 layers of lace with the whole thing measuring a whopping 8-10"!! They would cover the WHOLE bicep area!i have NO IDEA why we all did it it! Then after the dance was over, they guys would put them around their sun visors in their cars. Way too funny! This was in 1989, mind you!