Monday, May 10, 2010

another vintage quilt

Cheddar in Bed 3

Yesterday, after I had finished photographing all the quilts from my great grandmother I tossed them in a pile on the couch rather than fold them like a responsible person. Cheddar discovered the comfy nest in minutes and laid claim to it. Both our cats Cheddar and Broccoli were spayed last week and thy have been moping and hiding in warm and cozy spots ever since. Poor girls. But they are finally getting back to their old selves and we couldn't be happier!

Anyways, I wanted a write about another past project today. It is a vintage quilt top purchased by my former boss at an antique store that I restored into a full quilt top for her son. I nannied H for a short 8 months but it was a wonderul 8 months spent with a handsome, smart, funny and sweet little boy. His mom Tully is an artist and has a never ending creative eye. She found this quilt top and knew it could be something special so be brought it to me for a little tlc.

Vintage Quilt Reborn

Unfortunately there is no before shot, but the top was in pretty great shape to begin with. One or two minor rips to be fixed and then a back and some binding. Before I had taken a closer look I knew this was going to be a tied quilt. The wavy pattern of handstitxhed patches and the satin stitch over top dictated that. Tully said she wanted the back to be mostly red to complimnt all the red stitching on top. So after a trip to my local quilt store I found a solid red and two coordinating stripes to make a pieced back and a binding. I also grabbed some red yarn for tying.

Vintage Quilt back

Overall the quilt went together really quickly and I was very happy with the result. It was also the first time I added a piece of random fabric into the binding and I love the effect!

Vintage Quilt folded

in the end there weren't any sewing related lessons to be learned. I did however learn how hard it is to pour into a childs life only to have to say goodbye. I will continue to miss H but I know that this quilt now lived in his new big boy room and that makes me happy.

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