Wednesday, May 12, 2010

stacked coins (another wedding quilt)

The first quilt I made for a friend's wedding was inspired by the Stacked Coins pattern from Joelle Hoverson's Last-Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts.  I didn't actually follow any of the instructions or measurments but I saw the quilt there first and it made me desperate to make one of my own.

Stacked Coins Front

This quilt was a wedding present for my friend Esther and her new husband Loewen. I knew I wanted to make them something special and handmade when I recieved her wedding present to my husband and I.  She had taken every minute of the short 3.5 months that Joel and I were engaged and painstakingly crocheted a beautiful afghan for us. So when it came time for her wedding I knew I couldn't just pick something off the registry - I had to return the kindness.

I had a very hard time parting with this quilt in the end. And like the Plain Spoken quilt it was MUCH later than it should have been.

Stacked Coins detail

Most of the fabrics used in the stacks are from the Cake Rock Beach line also by Joelle Hoverson. (My goodness what a talented woman!!)  It also includes one or two random solids.  I quilted it with a diamond pattern and I have no idea what the finished size was!

Two lesssons were learned in the process of making this quilt:

1.  I needed a walking foot. Turns out I had one but had no idea what it was for. I have since learned the joys of said walking foot and how much easier it makes straight line quilting.

2.  I needed to become a prewasher. I know this debate rages on in the quilting community but after a bit of bleeding in this quilt I vowed to always prewash and now I don't have a heart attack everytime I put a finished quilt in the wash.

Stacked Coins Back

The backing is a couple of pieces of the solid chocolate (a thrifted shift) and some yardage from Amy Butler's Midwest Modern line.

Esther and Lowen loved their quilt and it lives happily on the couch in their living room. And now if I miss it I can pay it a visit over coffee with a friend!

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Anonymous said...

Ah the prewashing debate. I am on the supportive side as I have had one too many projects either bleed or shrink up on me. I hate hate hate puckering when it is unintended! :) Hope you are having a good day my friend.