Thursday, May 13, 2010

wonky baby girl quilt

Modern Wonky Baby quilt

My favourite quilt to date.  This quilt was new for me in several ways:

1.  It was a commission!  My first paid piece for which I did not make a dime of profit.  Oops.  The quilt was commissioned by my mother-in-law for a friend of hers.  She said the mom-to-be was "non-traditional" and was having a baby girl.  That is literally all I had to go on.

2.  It was the first time I had ever tried any sort of "wonky" block or any improvisational piecing.  It wasn't as improvisational as it maybe should have been, but I love the end result and there was only one block made but not included.  And only because it looked like a 3 ring circus.

To get things going, I took my brother (again) to the fabric store.  Together we picked out a selection of prints from Amy Butler's new Love collection with the idea of doing a whirly giggle type pattern.  I should have known that what I plan on when I shop is almost never what I make.

I got home and decided the quilt needed more variety and a different design altogether.  Wonky blocks it was!  I went through my stash and added some new other fabrics and bits that went well with the new fabric and started fussy cutting for centres.

Modern Wonky Baby detail

I think there is about 17 different fabrics not including the backing and the solid white background.  Most of the fabrics are either Amy Butler from various collections, or solids/semi solids, but there are a couple of special bits thrown in from Heather Ross' Mendocino, Echino, and a a few random prints that I have no idea where they are from.

Modern Wonky Baby Quilt back

The backing is a big piece of flannel polka dots from Amy Butler's Love collection, and it's bound in a pink cotton.

I LOVE this quilt.  I loved it so much that even though it only took my a week to make, I kept it hanging over the half wall in our dining room for another week just so I could look at it.  I love it so much, I am contemplating making an (almost) exact replica just for me, even though I have no need for a baby quilt right now.

When she finally had her baby, the "non-traditional" new mom loved her quilt! Good news for me, because that means I did my job well and a tiny little baby has a snuggle blanket to grow up with.

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