Saturday, May 15, 2010

what i've been working on

This is what I've been working on lately. Another commission, this time from a friend in Ontario. My friend ordered 2 happy birthday banners for her 3 children. She has two boys and a girl and so she wanted one banner in boyish colours and one in girly colours.

Girl Banner.jpg

The challenge was that the little girl likes bugs and pink and purple. How would I ever find fabrics to suit that?  Enter "Flora and Fauna" by Patty Young!  What a triumph this was for me because not only did I find an amazing sry of fabrics for the banner but I even found it at a reasonable price and at the hated Fabricland of all places!  (Have you noticed yet how much I hate Fabricland?  From what I can gather, I feel about Fabricland the way many people seem to feel about Joanne's in the States.)

The point is, I found great fabrics for the girl that I feel will suit her now but are also sophisticated enough to grow with her.

Boy Banner.jpg

The boy fabric didn't feel like such a triumph but I am happy none the less. The boys got a bright colour palette and some "manly" fabrics. A plaid, a semi-solid, a blue with little camping line drawings and a faux bois print in green. I went back and forth on wether I liked the fabrics because they didn't seem as special as the girls but I think it works well.

Each flag is 5x7 and double sided so it reads HAPPY BIRTHDAY which ever way you look at it. I made my own 2" double fold bias tape to string up the flags and the total length is just over 11 feet including 24" on each end for tying.

I just have to make up a couple of quick bags to store them in and they can go in the mail. Good thing I'm almost done too becuase 2 of the 3 kids have their birthday next weekend!

I learned two lessons with this project.

1.  I HATE making double fold bias tape and I should have just bought some!  In the end, making my own meant the perfect colour match and saved me about $10 in materials per banner. (Which means that unlike my first commsission I actually made a decent profit!)

2. I should really stop trying to make little lined bags. I get it wrong everytime!  This time I resewed 3 times only to find out I had measured wrong and the banner didn't fit. I guess I have a cute little bag now. Oh well!


Anonymous said...

I think our friend and her lovely little ones will love these Jessy! Especially the girl- those fabrics reminded me of her right away before I realized who you were talking about. :)

As for Fabric... save your pennies. I am taking you to a massive and very inexpensive fabric store when you come to visit. If you are lucky, it will be on one of their 35% of everything weekends!

Jessy said...

Thanks Krissy!
Don't worry, I've already planned to save my fabric budget for when we come to visit. I'm super excited!