Thursday, May 20, 2010

busy work

I've mentioned before that I am a nanny. One of the perks of being a nanny is a lot of down time during the day. I have a few things that I do to help out around the house while the kids are sleeping like tidying up the kitchen and putting some laundry through. There is still a lot of downtime during naps or when the kids go to bed at night and I am staying later. Most often during my downtime I will read or maybe watch a tv show or movie, but I've temporarily fallen out of love with reading, and tv is boring so I had to find something else to do.

Hexagon Beginnings.jpg

Enter hexagons. As most of you know, these little babies have been popping up everywhere for quite some time now, but I have yet to make any. So the other day when I had to make a car service appointment (that's going to last 3 freaking hours!!!) I thought, "I need to find something interesting and productive to do while I wait."

So today, I found a pile of scraps, made myself some templates and I am set. I'll bring them with me to work tonight so that once the little cutie goes to bed I have something to keep my hands busy, and I will definitely bring them with me tomorrow while I sit in Toyota's customer service lounge drinking stale coffee for 3 hours.


Elizabeth Johnson said...

I am a nanny too, and often have downtime while I wait for the kids to finish with swim practice. I would love to start making hexagons, I hear they are very addicting! I hope you keep showing more.. how did you make that great template?

Barbara said...

These are like the english paper pieces I gave you that were Gramma Harrison's. looks like fun.